Apple now most valuable public company in history

On Monday, August 20th, 2012, Apple became the new most valuable United States-made company in the history of the world. Their market capitalization has surpassed that of Microsoft's previous record of $618.9 billion, that amount having been set back in November of 1999. The current market capitalization of Apple is $622.6 billion, with 936,596,000 outstanding shares as of June 30, 2012 – we're guessing that everyone reading this post wishes that they'd invested in the company when they had the chance, of course.

This feat comes after an all-time high share price was reached for a second consecutive session today for Apple, reaching up to $664.74 in the morning hours. The highest that Apple has gotten with their market capitalization total today (thus far) has been $623.1 billion. We're expecting Microsoft to be left in the dust, at this point, but of course it must be recognized that with cash adjustments for time, the latter company might still be on top.

Comparing such things is like comparing the Dream Team to the 2012 USA Olympic basketball team, however, as Microsoft's current value just is not up for snuff. Apple shares are currently continuing to stay on the rise as they head towards an Autumn season with several new launches (if the rumors are all true). Apple may well have a new iPad mini, iPhone, and more by the time the holiday season begins.

Apple surpassed Exxon earlier this year to be the fifth company in history to have a market capitalization higher than $500 billion. Have a peek at our Apple portal to see what the company has been up to lately, and get pumped up about their new line of devices which may very well be released inside the next month!

[via Mercury News]