Apple now accepting details for future App Store privacy 'labels'

Apple has informed developers that it is now accepting app privacy information for an upcoming App Store change involving what many refer to as privacy 'nutrition labels.' Put simply, Apple will enable its users to quickly see privacy information about apps before they download them, helping users make informed choices about what they use.

Earlier this summer during its WWDC event, Apple revealed that it better inform its users about an app's privacy practices. Examples of these private labels have already been providing, revealing that the data will be presented in clean, simple cards for each privacy category.

Developers are required to send Apple certain pieces of privacy information related to their apps by December 8. In a brief update on its developers' website today, the company said that it is now accepting that information. The required information can be submitted through App Store Connect.

Developers will need to disclose the type of data they and any third-parties may collect from users, including things like name, address, phone number, email, certain health and fitness data, payment info, location, contacts, text messages, photos, search and browsing history, purchase history, and more.

When these privacy labels arrive later this year, Apple users will see the information on desktop and mobile when visiting an app's App Store listing. Apple doesn't say exactly when the privacy labels will go live, but it seems likely that they'll start appearing on December 8 or soon after.