Apple net sales grow for all product categories: iPhone, Mac, iPad, Services

Today Apple announced that they'd had some significant success over the past three months with sales of... basically everything. They had net sales growth (compared to the same period last year) for every one of their product categories. That includes iPhone, Mac, iPad, Services, and the collective category "Wearables, Home and Accessories."

Apple revenue overall went up 11% VS last year at this time. Earnings Per Share went up 18%. International sales accounted for 60% of Apple's business over the last three months.

Breaking down the sales categories, iPhone accounted for 44% of revenue, bringing in a whopping $26.4 BILLION over the past three months in net sales. That's up from $25.99 billion this same period one year ago. Still nothing to scoff at, but the increase is significant to be sure.

Mac went from 5.8-billion this time last year to a surprising 7.08-billion in the three months ending on June 27, 2020. Net sales of iPad devices went from 5-billion last year in this three-month period to $6.58-billion this year.

Wearables, Home and Accessories went from $5.3-billion last year during this quarter to this year's $6.5-billion. Services went from 11.5-billion in this period last year to this quarter's $13.16-billion. It would appear that whatever Apple's doing in basically every category, it's working.

That or Apple's just very fortunate to be the device brand people go to when they want to be entertained and/or work from home during an unprecedented global pandemic. Either way, Apple wins.