Apple Music woos 11 million users to trial

It's been a month since Apple rolled out its music streaming service. Apple Music offered potential subscribers a free trial membership to try the streaming service to see if they like it. The numbers are in and 11 million people took advantage of that trial according to Apple executives. Out of those 11 million users, 2 million of those users signed up for the family plan costing $14.99 monthly.

The normal Apple Music plan for an individual sells for $9.99 monthly and gives users access to 30 million songs and a bunch of playlists curated by people. Live radio stations are available as well. The free trial period is three months.

With 11 million trial users if all converted to paid members in October, Apple would have half the number of subscribers Spotify boasts after a decade of availability. Not all of those trial users will turn into paid subscribers; Apple music launched on June 30.

July was also a very good month for the App Store with a record $1.7 billion in transactions. China showed more strength for Apple than other areas. The record-setting month brings the total amount that Apple has paid out to app developers to $33 billion. Apple posted $50 billion in revenue at the end of its most recent quarter with the bulk of that earned in hardware sales of iPhone and iPad devices.