Apple Music Web beta returns with a new tab and a new design

For years, Apple has been rather selfish with its iTunes music experience, only begrudgingly allowing a Windows version for the sake of managing user's devices and music. With the launch of the Apple Music service, however, the company has started to accept other platforms to reach more subscribers, be it on Android or even on the Web. Apple Music on web browsers has long shed off its beta incarnation but now the testing version is back with a new look as well as a new tab for your listening pleasure.

Although Apple would, of course, prefer for people to access Apple Music from Apple devices, it knows that not everyone may have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac at hand. Since Apple Music relies more on the number of subscribers rather than device sales, it's only reasonable to try and get as many people paying for the service even if they do so from other places. Naturally, only Apple's devices will offer the best experience but the Web is slowly but surely starting to catch up.

Apple launched the beta version of Apple Music Web last year but moved it over to a final release just last April. Now it has a new Web beta running alongside the regular version to test new features and designs without disturbing the stable experience of most users.

The most prominent change in Apple Music Web beta is the Listen Now tab that replaces the old For You section. This mirrors the change that's coming to iOS 14 but the functionality is practically the same, suggesting songs, albums, and playlists based on your listening preferences. The beta site also adopts the changes that the Music app will undergo in iOS 14, making use of highlighted icons and animated graphics.

Other than that, however, Apple Music's web functionality basically remains the same as a second-class citizen of the service. Whether or not Apple will implement playlist management is still up in the air but it's still a convenient way to enjoy Apple Music anywhere you want to, even without an Apple device.