Apple Music beta for Android users tipped in email invites

Apple Music has been around for a while now and as of early August of this year, it had wooed 11 million users to try out the beta offering of the service. Rumors had long swirled that Apple would allow Android users to try Apple Music as well. Those rumors seem to be coming true with invites going out for Android users seeking participants in a beta for the service.

Apple has tried to get Android users to use its apps before with a Move to iOS app that was bashed with thousands of bad reviews. The Android Apple Music beta offers went out to people who had singed up with a service called Betabound.

Betabound allows users to register interest in beta programs based on different type of programs. The beta invites that went out to these uses are pictured above. The message was short and sweet with few details offered.

It gives no idea when the beta will kick off or how many users will be invited. Each user who receives the invite has to go through a series of questions that are related to music in some way, and some of the questions are odd. One reportedly reads, "If you could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?" Anyone using Betabound can try their luck being chosen for the beta.

SOURCE: Teachaeris