Apple Music and TV+ Windows apps may be on their way

While Microsoft may be invested in bringing its software to Apple's platforms, the feeling is hardly mutual. Apple's software has barely any presence on Windows save for iTunes, which happens to be the brand's last remaining presence after it was split up last year. Even that, however, may soon be on its way out if this new and rather vague hint is true, suggesting that an Apple app will be coming to the Windows Store really soon.

To be clear, the rumor is so generic that it could be anything. But unless Apple has suddenly decided to pour massive resources on creating new Windows apps, chances are it will be something that sticks closely to what it already offers on Windows anyway. And as 9to5Mac points out, there really are no suitable candidates other than Music and TV+.

iTunes has been on the Microsoft Store for a while but it was one of those apps that retained their traditional appearance and features while simply using a compatibility layer to be allowed on the Windows app store. A recent job posting, however, suggested that Apple was looking for those well-versed in Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform or UWP. It was, perhaps, so that it could bring iTunes' new split personalities to the Windows Store as well.

Apple split up iTunes' content management parts into Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books but only Music and TV+ are actually accessible from web browsers. While that may also be an argument against spending resources on a native Windows application, Apple's new services-oriented direction does encourage it to offer better experiences on platforms it supports.

Then there's also the fact that Windows UWP apps will also run on the Xbox One, which immediately gives Apple one more platform and an additional market to serve. Given how these consoles also double as entertainment centers, it seems like the perfect fit for Apple Music and Apple TV+ streaming provided Apple is OK with loss of potential Apple TV hardware sales.