Apple, Microsoft, iriver & more face Tsera touchpad patent lawsuit

Apple, Microsoft, Bang & Olufsen and iriver are among the defendants named by Tsera LLC, a company claiming to own a touchpad patent which has been vigorously infringed.  The lawsuit concerns Tsera's patent "Methods and apparatus for controlling a portable electronic device using a touchpad", and basically describes recognizing different touchpad swipes without requiring visual feedback.

Other defendants include Cowon, Philips, LG, Meizu and TrekStor, amounting to twenty in total.  However it's Apple – as lead in the PMP segment – which Tsera view as the biggest cash-cow here, with claims that they notified the Cupertino company as far back as September 2004 as to the nature of the patent and accusing them of being "wanton" in continuing the "misuse".

Tsera is seeking ongoing royalties from each of the companies, together with damages for prior infringement.  However from Apple they're seeking "enhanced" damages, likely a result of all that "wanton" behavior.  A jury trial has been requested, which if granted will be held in the Eastern District of Texas (Tyler) District court.

[via Apple Insider]