Apple May Kick Fitbit Out Of Stores Over HealthKit

Not long ago, we reported that Fitbit wasn't enthralled with Apple's HealthKit. They didn't say it was lacking, but they also said they were being a bit more pragmatic about it than some users would hope for. According to a new report, Apple will stop selling Fitbit products in their stores, instead choosing to make way for their own wearables which do support HealthKit. Though it's not clear exactly why Fitbit is being removed from store shelves, the HealthKit slight is hard to look past.

We'll note that Jawbone UP24 supports HealthKit, and seems to be remaining in the Apple Store. Some speculate Apple is clearing the way for the Apple Watch, and removing any competitor from the mix.

I'd say Fitbit competes with Jawbone much more that it will with the Apple Watch. The Nike Fuelband also remains in the Apple Store, and it doesn't support HealthKit — but Fuelband is also nearly abandoned at this point, and Nike has a good relationship with Apple.

It's impossible to say why Apple wold really drop Fitbit, but they seem to be taking a more involved approach with their retail environment. Previous reports suggested Apple would drop Bose products from store shelves in the wake of an NFL/Beats issue.

HealthKit may have been the tipping point for Apple and Fitbit, but neither company is discussing the matter. Either way, it seems Apple is taking the approach that items in their store should support them fully, or at least not take action (or publicly share commentary) against them.

Source: Re/Code