Apple may be changing its in-store Genius Bar layout

Stepping into one of Apple's retail locations is barely comparable to stepping into any other store, and the Genius Bar is just one of those things that is truly unique to the whole experience. Be prepared now to potentially see a few changes in stores soon, becauseĀ Apple has been testing a new layout that adds more stools and accommodates more customers with the hopes of increasing overall efficiency.

The new layout being tested involves the Genius Bar table being in a position where it's perpendicular to the store's back wall with an added emphasis of more iPad use for managing customer service records, so get ready to see more touchscreens in action. Since the new positioning takes up more room, the kids' tables and seats need to be eliminated.

At this point, it's not known whether or not Apple will go ahead with this particular Genius Bar layout tweak or if it will just be incorporated in select stores. The changes are said to be well-suited for stores that are narrow and don't have as much room to work with in certain shopping malls.

[via Apple Insider]