Apple Maps update stops notifications while driving

This week the folks at Apple have revealed their next big mapping adventure with Indoor Maps of malls. This update will be for Apple Maps and will have maps of a bunch of malls right off the bat. The first round of mall maps will arrive in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Jose, Tokyo, and Washington, DC. This next update will also be launched with indoor maps of Airports.

A whopping 30+ airports will be included in the first wave of Indoor Maps for Apple Maps. these maps will allow the user to traverse the nightmare that is every international airpot with maps that show the user where they're standing. Places like New York's JFK and LGA will be included alongside the Las Vegas airport and Minneapolis's MSP.

This update to Apple Maps will allow the user to know Speed Limits and see lane guidance whilst driving. A new feature will be released called "Do Not Disturb While Driving". Sort of right on the nose with that title, when you think about it.

This addition will activate using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi doppler effects. The phone screen will turn off and incoming alerts and notifications will be silenced. Much safer that way – and more peaceful, and calm. Users will also be given a notification when they turn their phone screen back on whilst driving.

This Do Not Disturb While Driving feature blocks notifications from almost all contacts. The user is able to whitelist a number of contacts for whom notifications will still be delivered. This update will come soon to iPhones of all sorts – just so long as they're new enough!