Apple Maps adds full Amtrak route data for nationwide train rides

Yes, passenger train rides in most of the U.S. are long, expensive, and sparse. That doesn't stop some people from using them — especially those in the northeast corridor and other highly-serviced regions — and now Apple users can do so more easily than before. Apple Maps has been updated with Amtrak's full nationwide routes, as well as some routes that head up into Canada, enabling users to plot their trips from the comfort of Apple's own mapping app.

Amtrak is arguably most popular in the northeast, where business travelers and others use the fast trains to jump between DC, NYC, Boston, and some other notable cities. Amtrak does have routes beyond those areas, though, and now Apple Maps shows them, too. This includes routes in the western parts of the US, the PNW, the midwest, and the southern states. For those heading into or out of Canada, there are also routes for Vancouver and Montreal.

According to MacRumors, Apple Maps has added the following Amtrak routes:


- Blue Water operating between Chicago, Illinois and Port Huron, Michigan

- Wolverine operating between Chicago, Illinois and Pontiac, Michigan

- Cardinal operating between Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York

- Southwest Chief operating between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California

- Texas Eagle operating between Chicago, Illinois and San Antonio, Texas

- California Zephyr operating between Chicago, Illinois and Emeryville, California

- City of New Orleans operating between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana

- Empire Builder operating between Chicago, Illinois and Portland/Seattle

- Illinois Service operating between Chicago, Illinois and Carbondale, Illinois

- Pere Marquette operating between Grand Rapids, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois

- Capitol Limited operating between Washington, D.C. and Chicago, Illinois

- Hoosier State operating between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois

- Hiawatha operating between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois

- Missouri River Runner operating between St. Louis and Kansas City in Missouri


- Capitol Corridor operating between Auburn, California and San Jose, California

- Coast Starlight operating between Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California

- Pacific Surfliner operating between San Luis Obispo and San Diego in California

- San Joaquins operating between San Francisco area and Bakersfield area in California

- Sunset Limited operating between New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California


- Auto Train operating between Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida

- Carolinian operating between New York, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina

- Crescent operating between New York, New York and New Orleans, Louisiana

- Silver Service/Palmetto operating between New York, New York and Tampa/Miami

Northwest: Amtrak Cascades operating between Vancouver, B.C. and Eugene, OregonWest: Heartland Flyer operating between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Texas

It's good news for some, even for Amtrak, no doubt, which itself recently unveiled new next-generation high-speed trains coming to the northeast corridor by 2021. These trains will be faster and more modern, offering more seating space and more frequent rides between certain stations without sacrificing in space or amenities.