Apple Makes a List of iPad Ready Sites and Checks it Twice

No shock and awe here. Apple's offensive on Flash Player continues, and this time they've created a website that details exactly which sites have joined the foray. It's a nice site, sure, but we're wondering if this kind of thing is all that necessary. After all, the general rule of thumb is that people are going to browse the Internet to whichever site they want. No Flash Player, or Flash Player, probably won't change any of that. (Outside of the video streaming sites, of course.) But, that's not stopping them, so here's the list after the break.

CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Vimeo, Time, Major League Basebal, The White House, Virgin America, Sports Illustrated, Flickr, People Magazine, TED

Is there any hidden rules to be part of this list? Not that we can see. To be included, all you have to do is make your site include one of, if not all of the following: HTML5, CSS3, an JavaScript. As we can see from the list, many of the sites are standardized for the iPad, but the main focus of the whole page seems to be the fact that most of these sites will play video in mobile Safari thanks to HTML5. Which, incidentally, is another slap to the face of Flash.

The site is designed for people to update Apple, by filling out a quick form, that their site is optimized for the iPad. It seems that Apple isn't necessarily going out and looking for sites that fit their iPad's formats, but at least they're doing something to try and bring it to the world's attention that some of the biggest sites on the 'net fit the bill. Of course, Google, YouTube, and a few other major online publications aren't included in that list, but we all know that Google works juts fine on the iPad. Why? Because it works just fine on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Besides, only two more days before we get to all find out for ourselves.

[via Apple]