Apple MacBook trackpad ignoring clicks?

It might not only be RAM that's finicky on the new MacBook: according to a growing number of owners there's also a fault with the new, glass trackpad.  The problem manifests itself roughly every fifty clicks, with the next 5-10 presses (or taps) going unrecognized.

Temporary workaround solutions have included tweaking the trackpad sensitivity, but this does not appear to be a lasting solution.  However it does suggest that the fault is a software rather than a hardware issue, which hopefully points to a driver fix rather than requiring the physical trackpad be addressed.

A possible reason could be the way in which the trackpad software attempts to ignore 'accidental' clicks, with some users having better luck tapping with the very tip of their finger as opposed to the side-edge of their thumb.  Apple is yet to comment publicly on the issue, however at least one person affected who brought it to their attention was told to send their MacBook in for examination.

[via Pocket-Lint]