Apple MacBook 'Brick' casing image example of water-jet manufacturer?

Could this be a spy shot of the upcoming MacBook Pro, and the subject of all the recent 'Brick' rumors?  The suggestion is that this is an example of the new laser-guided water-jet manufacturing process tipped in the last round of Apple whispers.

The sides of the casing do look as though they could be separate and fixed on afterwards, or alternatively what we're taking to be a panel gap could in fact be a water-etched groove.  Perhaps it's the quality of the photo but the key cut-outs do look a little fake to my eyes.

One problem with a design like this is that, in the event of the keyboard problem, the whole chassis would have to be opened up, as opposed to the more usual method of hinging up the top panel and getting access that way.  The shape of the port cut-outs could suggest a Mini-DVI socket as was rumored earlier, but without a higher-resolution image it's difficult to tell conclusively.

[Update]: According to Mac Rumors the image originated at this site.