Apple loses case in Danish court over faulty G4 iBooks

If you had an iBook G4, there's the very real possibility that you ran into some issues a little over a year after you got it. Namely, it would lose power for no apparent reason. Apple has long denied that there was an issue with that particular generation of iBooks. However, the citizens of Denmark think that Apple knew about it all along.

The Denmark Consumer Complaints Board recently ruled against Apple for the second time regarding this issue. They claim to have evidence that Apple was aware of the issue, but has repeatedly denied it. Many customers were forced to pay a considerable amount of money for repairs, as Apple continually told them that there was no known issue, and it generally happened shortly after the warranty expired.

The board has given Apple 14 days to comply with their ruling which stated that they must admit fault and allow customers to return their computers with the issue.

Apple loses iBook G4 case; refunds may come [via macnn]