Apple looking to boost in-car integration prowess with new job listing

Several car manufacturers have announce partnerships with Apple in order to put iOS and Siri integration into their in-car entertainment systems, and it looks like this is a thing that might actually take off as Apple is looking for more team members to work in the company's division meant strictly for developing in-car software.

Apple is looking for a few fellows to work on in-car technology, including a software quality assurance manager, as well as a couple of people to work on "iOS Car Services." Specifically, the manager would be responsible for "iPod/iPhone/iPad integration testing with car stereos," something that the company is growing in, thanks to partnerships with car makers like Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Honda.

We actually got our hands on the Siri integration in the new Chevrolet Sonic a few months ago, and it allows drivers to control their iOS devices using steering wheel controls and the car's entertainment system, allowing for hands-free operation of your iDevice. It's a pretty cool concept that both Apple and car makers want to take advantage of.

The job listings suggest that Apple is looking to bolster its efforts on in-car integration with iOS and Siri, and it looks like we should be seeing more car manufacturers jump on board with the initiative. Just this week, Ferrari announced a partnership with Apple that would see the car maker put two iPad minis in the back seats of its FF Coupes.

[via AppleInsider]