Apple lift promo-code restrictions on 17+ App Store titles

Chris Davies - Jul 24, 2009

SlashGear has heard that the issue affecting promo codes and App Store titles rated 17+ has been fixed, and that developers responsible for such software will indeed be able to pass out free-access trials to reviewers.  The problem, which we reported last Friday, concerned Apple’s terms and conditions for age restrictions.

Under Apple’s initial guidelines, any application that allowed for internet access to third party content – such as Twitter or IM clients – should automatically carry a 17+ rating and thus, under their trial terms, be ineligible for promo codes.  What we’re hearing is that while the age restriction terms are unchanged, developers of 17+ apps will, in fact, be allowed to give out such codes.

We’re waiting on an official comment from either Apple or the developers who initially brought the issue to our awareness.  We’ll update when we’ve heard more.

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