Apple launches Breakout Books to promote indie authors

Craig Lloyd - Feb 5, 2013, 1:06pm CST
Apple launches Breakout Books to promote indie authors

Today Apple unveiled a new section to its iBookstore called “Breakout Books,” which features books published to the iBookstore by indie authors. The curated collection highlights titles that have earned four and five star reviews, so not every indie book will get its moment of glory in the new section.

The books are grouped in three genres: romance, sci-fi and fantasy, and mysteries and thrillers. Plus, there’s a fourth blended category called “more to explore” that features a handful of books mixed from the different categories. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Apple is highlighting indie works, but it’s the first time they’re putting them in the limelight like this.

Avid readers will also find that many of the books featured in this section are fairly inexpensive, with even some that are free of charge, meaning that there are a lot of great books that you can read without investing a lot of money. While the landing page for Breakout Books isn’t completely filled with recommended content, Apple says they’ll add more to the section once it takes off.

Since the beginning of the ebook craze, digital publishing has become easier and easier. It gives indie authors a chance to show their stuff to millions of people without spending tons of money for printing. Just like apps, games, and music, authors are taking advantage of the digital age, and are trying to get the word out about their books. This new section in the iBookstore will definitely help with that.

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