Apple Killing Off More Boxed Software From Stores

Apple today released OS X Lion to the masses, but only allowed customers to download the major OS revamp via the Mac App Storeā€”no boxed versions were offered in Apple retail stores. This will be the fate of many Mac applications starting today as the company aims to purge all boxed software from its retail stores.

In a notice sent to resellers, Apple revealed that they are discontinuing the boxed versions for several applications including OS X Snow Leopard, iLife, iWork, and Aperture. Starting today, these software titles can only be purchased online via the Mac App Store, although resellers can still sell off their remaining inventory or return them to Apple.

While the Logic Express and Logic Studio software titles will continue to have boxed versions, GarageBand Jam and Mac Box Set will be discontinued in all channels, meaning they'll be axed even from the Mac App Store. Also completely discontinued today are any preinstalled configured-to-order software products.

[via MacRumors]