Apple Keyboard concept with iPhone induction charging & OLED keys

As concepts go, here's perhaps an obvious one: take one of the slicker keyboards around – in this case Apple's waif-like offering – add some Optimus-style OLED keys and a dock for everybody's favorite cult smartphone, and settle back to reap the praise.  The work of

According to the mocked-up product listing, the Apple Keyboard would go for a scant $79.99.  Considering how much OLED keyboards go for, as well as how much induction charging systems will set you back, that seems mighty ambitious.

Still, it's a neat idea and one that - minus perhaps the inductive charging, and its corresponding gripper magnets and rubber anti-vibration mount, replaced with a straightforward hinged or flexible docking connector – could certainly find favor among the Mac faithful.  Check out the full (fake, obviously) product page in the gallery below.

[via Ubergizmo]