Apple Joint Venture will let prosumers take a Genius home

Apple's imminent retail staff meetings and secretive NDA demands for employees were, it was suggested, for an upcoming store service, rather than around the iPad 2 or MacBook Pro, and according to the latest leaks that seems to be the case. BGR's source has tipped a new service called Apple Joint Venture, extending the current Genius service to include home visits.

According to the tipster, Joint Venture will include telephone support calls and on-site visits to address hardware and software issues. Currently, Apple Geniuses aren't allowed to give phone support, only ask users to make an appointment and come into their nearest store.

Unfortunately, Joint Venture isn't going to be rolled out to all buyers of Apple kit; instead, the service will be targeted at small businesses and "prosumers". Apple is expected to detail the plans to employees at a meeting on Sunday – where it will detail the fees involved, among other things – before it rolls out over the next few months.