Apple iTV said to feature Siri: resembles Cinema Display

Is the Apple television coming this year? Is it even coming at all? We can't answer those questions, but more details seem to be leaking out about the mythical television set of lore. Cult of Mac reports that a source has seen the fully working TV in the flesh, and has spilled the beans about what to expect. Most of what is outlined matches up with previous rumors, such as Siri integration, but there's one or two odd details.

The source says that the TV looks a lot like the current Apple Cinema Display, but "much bigger." An iSight camera is also built into the frame, which will allow consumers to make FaceTime calls. The camera will track the user's face across the room, allowing for video calls across different angles instead of straight on.

As for how you control all of this? Using Siri. The personal voice assistant will fully be on board the TV, allowing consumers to control various aspects of the TV, including initiating FaceTime calls. Other than that, the interface of the television wasn't described, or any other pertinent details such as pricing or release date. Cult of Mac vouches for the source, however, saying that they have been reliable in the past.

While one analyst believes the Apple television won't be released in 2012, previous rumors have said that components are being sent to manufacturers for production this year. Sharp is expected to make use of its IGZO panels in the television, and Apple is said to be trying to bring as many content partners as possible on board with a streaming model.