Apple Is Working On Its Own Flashback Malware Removal Tool

For a long time hackers and nefarious sorts left Mac computers alone for the most part when it came to malware and viruses. It was easier to aim for Windows since the majority of people used it. With the increasing popularity of Mac computers, more and more viruses and malware have been discovered aimed at the Apple machines. The latest malware search affecting Mac users is the Flashback malware.

We have talked several times about third-party tools and tips for finding and removing Flashback from your Mac. Apple has also tried to patch the Java vulnerability that the malware takes manager. Users will also like to hear that Apple is developing its own Flashback malware removal tool.

At this point other than knowing Apple is working on its own direct malware removal tool, we don't have a firm date for when the tool will be released. Apple did reveal yesterday that it was working on the tool to detect and remove Flashback. I would imagine once the tool is ready, it would be offered via Apple support website and via the integrated update software Mac OS X. I would bet on it being offered directly via the integrated update software on the Mac computers.

[via Loopinsight]