Apple is definitely releasing a new portable device of some sort

So over the holidays Apple had an employee party where they had some fans of theirs that are in the music business come and perform. Not a big deal right? Wrong, the interesting part comes in the method of payment they were offered for performing.

You see they were offered one of the new laptops they are releasing at MacWorld to every single performer. Thanks to this, we know they are announcing the devices at MacWorld, and other than that, we know that they will be going on sale roughly a week after MacWorld.

We'll be there covering MacWorld so you'll get the details as soon as we do. But, personally, I have seen rumors reporting an ultra portable, a UMPC, a tablet, a new Newton, an all aluminum MacBook, I have seen so much speculation and so many rumors that actually seeing the product is likely going to be the biggest relief and the largest disappointment of my gadget blogging career so far. Regardless, I can't wait, also, thanks to Just Blaze for tipping off BGR.

Apple's new laptops: confirmed! [via boygeniusreport]