Apple iPod Liveblog reminder: Join us at 10AM Pacific!

Just six hours to go until we kick off our Apple iPod event liveblog over at, and we're looking forward to seeing exactly what Steve Jobs and his Cupertino compadres have in store.  Among the rumors are a new, smaller and potentially touchscreen iPod nano, a dual-camera iPod touch equipped for FaceTime, and a significant reboot of the Apple TV concept with a new focus on streaming content.

According to the insider whispering, the new Apple TV will be dubbed the iTV and be smaller, cheaper – perhaps even $99 – and run a new branch of iOS.  It'll have apps, iAd supported content, and even use the iPad as a remote control.  It could well be linked with a new version of iTunes, with a greater amount of online functionality.

We won't know for sure until the event itself, so join us at 10am Pacific (1pm if you're in New York or 6pm if you're in London) for all the news out of San Francisco.  We'll be running our new live comments system at so you'll be able to share your thoughts with the rest of liveblog audience.