Apple iPhone 3G S is released! SlashGear in NYC

Vincent Nguyen - Jun 19, 2009
Apple iPhone 3G S is released! SlashGear in NYC

We may not be seeing the same huge queues as we did for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, but things are still busy this morning at Apple’s 5th Avenue store in New York City.  SlashGear headed down to meet with the crowd and soak up some of the iPhone 3G S excitement.

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Unlike the sidewalk-spanning lines in 2007 and 2008, this time Apple only needed to cordon off their immediate area.  We’re putting all this down to a glut of online orders with people expecting a visit from their friendly UPS person sometime today; allowing iTunes activations at home might not lead to camera-friendly swathes of people outside your store, but it does make life a whole lot smoother for those working inside it!

Later on this morning we’ll be sitting down with Apple’s VP for a chance to ask some questions about the new smartphone and what they think about rival devices from Palm, Microsoft and others.  Of course, we’ll also have our own first-impressions of the iPhone 3G S itself, so keep reading SlashGear!

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