Apple iPad used to help a man cross the US border

It's one thing to walk into a supermarket and have the cashier scan your iPhone or iPad for a coupon – but having a border patrol officer scan an electronic passport photo off an iPad is just too much. And apparently, federal critics would have to agree. The man, Martin Reisch, simply had his iPad scanned and was let into the country.

MP Brian Masse stated later, that a digital copy of one's passport "is not a secure document". And rightfully, it shouldn't be. There is already enough illegal forgery present within society, and allowing digital proof of identity can only make matters worse. I'm sure even a few of you could Photoshop your information into another's digital passport. Not to say you would – but it's easily possible.

Of course, adding safety features to digital processing of information like one's passport would likely work great. Implementing security measures is important in this case, and accessing this information digitally would benefit us all greatly. No need to worry about your passport getting stolen – just make sure you've got the "death grip" on that mobile device of yours.

[via CBC News]