Apple iPad preorders now shipping

Anyone looking for some good news to wake up to on a Monday morning could do worse than a shipping notice for their pre-order iPad.  We're seeing multiple reports on Twitter that Apple have begun sending out the WiFi version of the iPad in advance of its April 3rd debut.  The presumption is that Apple have – as with the iPhone before it – negotiated fixed delivery dates with their courier, so customers probably shouldn't expect to see their iPad a few days early.

They're the only internet customers who'll be getting their new toy on April 3rd, however.  After strong presales over the past few weeks, Apple have been forced to change the expected shipping date of new online orders to April 12th, just over a week later than the original date.

Meanwhile Apple have quietly removed their in-store reservation option, which had allowed curious would-be iPad buyers to check out the tablet in the metal before deciding on a purchase.  We're guessing that stores will also have some stock available for walk-in trade, but we doubt there'll be enough of it to satisfy customer demand.