Apple iPad: Over 2 Million Units Sold

Evan Selleck - Jun 7, 2010, 11:20 am CDT
Apple iPad: Over 2 Million Units Sold

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, there was no doubt in his mind that the tablet device from Cupertino would revolutionize the way we use tablets. And, sure enough, we can probably safely say that that’s exactly what’s happened. On Monday, during WWDC 2010, Jobs went over the standard information about the iPad, and how well it’s doing all over the world.

As it stands right now, the iPad has sold over 2 million units since its launch. That breaks down, according to Jobs, to about 3 iPads every single minute. That’s beyond impressive numbers. There are 8,500 native iPad applications available in the iPad App Store, and the tablet itself will be available in 19 countries by the end of July. There’s 17 applications downloaded per iPad, which equals somewhere in the ballpark of 35 million downloads in total. As Jobs puts it: “That’s a great number.”

As for iBooks, that’s only been out for 65 days, and already it’s seen upwards of 5 million books downloaded from its digital bookshelf. That puts between 2 and three books on every iPad out there. There’s going to be an update to iBooks later in June, which offers support for PDFs, as well as new bookmarking controls up in the right-hand corner. The PDF support will come in a brand new bookshelf, specifically designed for them.

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