Apple iPad Now Accepting Applications for April 3rd Launch

While the iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta has been out since the official announcement of Apple's iPad, developers haven't been able to actually submit their applications anywhere. Apple has given them plenty of time to make the best applications they can, for the specific reason that they don't want buggy software marring the release of their legendary tablet device. This is a sound strategy, but now the floodgates are open, and developers can officially submit their applications to the App Store.

The kicker is, is that if you want to have your application ready to go for the April 3rd launch, you need to have your application submitted to the App Store by March 27th. That's not a big difference from the official launch, so Apple must be cracking down on the application approval process, as well as vetting which applications are actually worth launching. We're hoping that we see a healthy number of iPad applications ready to go for launch, because as much as we love to play with those 150,000 other applications, we want to see what the iPad is really capable of. (Even if that will take some time to actually see.)

If you're a developer, then you got the email telling you the good news. Hopefully you've got the next best app, as we all know that making it to that coveted number one spot in the App Store is one of those lofty goals that all developers make for themselves. May we suggest a groundbreaking game that takes full advantage of the hardware specifications of the iPad? While we're perfectly excited about that first iPad game shown off, we are very excited to see the potential shown off by the developers out there.

[via Apple]