Apple iPad delay blamed on screen bottleneck

When Apple announced the international launch of the iPad would be delayed, many cried foul. At the time Apple announced that the iPad would be delayed in shipping outside the US it only said demand was higher than expected.Bloomberg reports that new details that are surfacing point to the delay being because of supply issues. Specifically the yields on the 9.7-inch touchscreen are said to be poor. The screens are reportedly currently being sourced from LG Display Co, Samsung Electronics, and Seiko Epson Corp reports Bloomberg.

Analyst Andres Rassweiler from iSuppli said in an interview with Bloomberg, "We understand that the yields on the display have been low and that they're creating a production bottleneck. That they have been doing it for the iPhone for some time is great, but once you go to 9.7 inches, it is a much more complicated process." Apple offered no official comment on the delay or screen shortage issue.