Apple iPad 2 To Ship In Both Black And White

Isn't amazing that Apple's new iPad 2 is now thinner than the iPhone 4? But perhaps even more amazing is that they somehow managed to produce a white version of the iPad 2, something seemingly impossible to produce with the iPhone 4. After numerous delays, the promised white iPhone 4 has yet to surface.

As you may have seen in our earlier hands-on with the iPad 2 live from Apple's unveiling event, that the new device is being shown off side by side in both white and black. The body features a metal chassis that is ultra thin but still flex-resistant. A matte aluminum encases the back while the glossy front side once only black, now comes in white.

Both versions will ship immediately on March 11th. There will be no waiting around for the white version as we have had to with the iPhone 4. But by now, it is likely a pipe dream, and that Apple may just reserve the white version for iPhone 5.