Apple iPad 13-inch model tipped for testing alongside larger iPhones

While Apple most-recently went smaller with the iPad, moving down to a 7.9-inch display with the iPad mini, but it seems Apple will be moving in the opposite direction if a recent report is to be believed. It's said that Apple is testing out 13-inch iPad prototypes, as well as larger displays on iPhones that exceed the current 4 inches.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources from suppliers in Asia say that Apple has asked for prototypes of screens larger than 4 inches for the iPhone, as well as ramblings of the company wanting to experiment with larger iPads that are around 13 inches in size. This means we could see a third iPad model, offering the Goldilocks effect to potential iPad buyers.

Of course, experimenting with different sizes of displays doesn't necessarily mean we'll see a larger iPad come into fruition. Apple is known to experiment quite a bit with potential products, but seeing as how larger screens are becoming popular than ever, it would make sense that the Cupertino-based company is looking to get in on that market.

The report on the larger iPhone displays goes right along with rumors last month of low-cost, plastic iPhone models with up to 5.7-inch screens. These are said to be budget-friendly devices that would get even more iPhones in the hands of consumers, since Android has a huge hold on the lower-cost device market currently.

Of course, Apple increased the size of the iPhone's screen to 4 inches with the introduction of the iPhone 5. That marked the first time that the iPhone has gotten a screen size change, with all past models having 3.5-inch screens. The company has said that the screen size would never get any larger, but it seems that they're buckling under peer pressure.