Apple iOS Notifications System Redesigned As App Concept

Apple's iOS 5.0 has yet to make its debut, despite rumors it would show up with the iPad 2 launch back in March. Now it's believed to be heading our way with the iPhone 5 arrival slated for September. And one of the most anticipated fixes believed to accompany the update is a redesigned notifications system. We highlighted one redesign idea before and now here's another one that turns the system into its own app. Continue after the cut to watch a video of the concept in action.

This concept attempts to keep the system simple by using existing graphical elements and Apple's app-centric model to aggregate all notifications into one app. It doesn't attempt to change the iOS interface itself except for one element that lets you double tap the home button and scroll left to see your last notification. Other than this, all notifications can be viewed and turned on/off and responded to within the notifications app.

The notifications app will display the notifications in list form with the ability to get a detailed extended view while grouping them by app. Additional customization can be done within the app to enable or disable popup notifications per app or for all full screen apps such as games.

Watch the video below of the concept designed by Andreas and let us know what you think.

[via 9to5 Mac]