Apple iOS 8.4.1 released to fix Apple Music issues

Apple has released iOS 8.4.1, tackling a number of media bugs that have surfaced since Apple Music launched. The update, a roughly 57MB download, addresses hidden tracks, missed favorites when listening to Beats 1 music, and finesses playlist management.

For instance, some iCloud Music Library users had experienced problems enabling their online library when also using Apple Music, something iOS 8.4.1 fixes. Offline playback has also been tweaked, after some users found that tracks they'd added were still not showing up when Apple Music was instructed not to use data.

Other fixes include mixed up artwork across multiple devices and handling how tracks can be organized into playlists, even if there are no existing playlists to choose from.

Missed "Love" favoriting when listening to Beats 1, Apple's streaming radio station, has also been addressed.

Meanwhile, Apple also used the update to patch a few different security glitches, including a problem whereby malicious websites could crash the Safari browser.

You can download iOS 8.4.1 by heading to the Settings > General > Software Update menu on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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