Apple: iOS 8.1.2, Bose, Apple Maps all ready for prime time

It must be Apple's day to roll stuff out and update their services, because there's a lot going on. After seeing Apple TV would get some needed love from YouTube, as well as some new channels, there is a lot more to discuss. Apple's iCloud seems to have replaced Google Maps for their own when using Find my iPhone, and Bose is coming back to the Apple Store. There's also a new version of iOS out, though we wouldn't get too excited there. The latest iOS fixes one small issue regarding iTunes ringtone purchases.

Some iOS users who bought ringtones via iTunes were noticing they were missing from their devices. The latest iOS — iOS 8.1.2 — fixes that, and apparently restores purchases of ringtones. Other than that, there's no word on any important fixes held within.

Apple's iCloud gets a new utility, too. Apple Maps is now being used (for many) when using Find my iPhone via iCloud's web portal. Previously, Google Maps was being used, so this move suggests Apple at least thinks their basic maps features are good enough to warrant use for finding your precious devices.

Bose also comes back to the Apple Store, at least via the online portal. After running afoul of Apple legally and in the world of sports, Bose was unceremoniously removed from circulation via Apple. Now, it seems as though they'll be back to the premium retailer, at least online.

Via: 9to5Mac, Mac Rumors