Apple iOS 7.0.3 compensates for skewed iPhone 5s accelerometer

The iOS 7.0.3 update is here, and it looks like the sensor malfunctions that have been plaguing iOS since its Sept. 2013 introduction are gone. The accelerometer, which had been reading 2 to 3 degrees off center, is now within normal parameters. This and other changes to Apple device behavior linked to the OS were detected yesterday by VentureBeat.

The accelerometer, which detects motion and transfers the motion data to the OS, is now showing itself to be accurate within one degree, which is normal. The accelerometer is used in productivity and tool apps (like the level), but the most vocal complaints are coming from the gaming community. Many iOS games rely on a functioning accelerometer and gyroscope.

The cause of the original issue with the accelerometer is unclear. Some suggest it was a hardware issue rather than an OS issue. A new vendor has been supplying the accelerometers for iPhones. Yet the OS update did fix the problem, perhaps by compensating through recalibration, but this would indicate the underlying hardware problem still exists.

The 7.0.3 update also includes security-related changes like an iCloud Keychain for password management, complex password generator, and a delay to the slide-to-unlock after TouchID activation. The iMessage app also seems to be fixed. Many users were experiencing failures to send mail or activate accounts in the app.

SOURCE: AppAdvice