Apple iOS 4.3.3 will fix tracking "bug"

If you use an iPhone, you may have been following the saga of location tracking with the smartphone. As it turns out the iPhone keeps track of the location of the user even when location services are turned off. Despite the tracking of iPhone users, Apple maintains it was not spying on users and said that an update was coming to fix the bug. Word is now coming out that the update to fix the bug will be coming soon.

Apparently, iOS 4.3.3 will stop the iPhone from tracking the user and will be here in the next two weeks, if not sooner reports BGR. BGR claims that it has received a copy of the OS already and hasn't yet loaded it onto a phone. The update is said to address several different things. The update will keep the iPhone from backing the location database up to iTunes.

The update will also reduce the size of the location database. The update will also automatically delete the entire Location Services database when Location Services are turned off. Other fixes include battery life improvements and iPod fixes. I hope one of those iPod fixes keeps my iPhone from playing tunes in the background each time it connects to a Bluetooth hands free device.

[via BGR]