Apple in talks to lower TV show price for iPad

The anticipation that built up around the iPad was intense all around the tech and gadget world. Once the device was finally announced, some were let down a bit and many scoffed at the name of the device. No matter how you feel about the iPad name, the device will probably sell well for Apple. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is currently in talks with networks to lower the price of TV shows on iTunes.

The price cuts are said to be an attempt to get the price of the shows lower to correspond with the launch of the iPad. Apple apparently feels that iPad buyers will use the device to watch lots of TV shows and other video content. According to someone close to the negotiations, Apple is working to finalize a price of 99 cents per episode.

A few shows on the iTunes store already have episodes priced at 99 cents, but for the most part they are more obscure series and not the major network shows that many people really want. Current SD episodes of big shows sell for $1.99 while the HD episodes are $2.99. Apple's pricing is very high for TV shows and dropping the price roughly in half would go a long way towards getting more users to buy episodes. A price cut might also make that AppleTV I own (that never gets used) actually worth plugging in.