Apple Improving Notifications On Next iOS

Apple's iOS really exemplifies their clean and stylish design approach on their devices and software. Save for one small blemish–their notifications system. The pop-up notifications you currently get on the Apple iOS can be rather annoying. The folks over at Cult of Mac are saying that they have some exclusive information suggesting that Apple will be making improvements on this particular problem and even intends to buy a small app development company to help create a new notification system.

Any iOS user knows how bad the notifications are. They pretty much freeze your device and stop whatever you were doing and forces you to deal with it. There were hopes last year when Apple hired Rich Dellinger, chief architect of HP/Palm's webOS, that notifications would be revamped and delivered much more smoothly. So far that hasn't had any developments. The webOS notification system was lauded for its simplicity and how it didn't intrude on the user experience.

The company in talks to be purchased by Apple for this plan has not been identified, but its suspected that it's a company already developing apps for the App Store. It's thought to be App Remix who has the Boxcar app that allows push notifications for Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

[Via Cult of Mac]