Apple “iFone” lawsuit ends with local telecom fines

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 6, 2014, 3:46am CDT
Apple “iFone” lawsuit ends with local telecom fines

Back in 2009, Apple went after Mexican telecom iFone’s trademark, using claims of expiration and similarity to its own iPhone as reasons. Apple was countersued by iFone, which says it registered the trademark long before the iPhone existed, for damages and an injunction.

The legal squabble that resulted dragged on months, with the injunction never coming to fruition, and with Apple being on the losing end of a ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court, which upheld a previous ruling in iFone’s favor made by a lesser court.

The issue of damages remained up in the air, however, and has just now come to a close with local telcoms in Mexico bearing the brunt of the punishment. According to El Universal, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property found Apple to be infringing on the iFone trademark, but only at the local telecom level.

As such, local providers like Iusacell, Telcel, and more that offer the iPhone will be fined and will have a little over two weeks to take down iPhone-related branding. Apple, meanwhile, wasn’t hit with any damages.

Whether the local telecoms will appeal the ruling isn’t known.

SOURCE: AppleInsider

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