Apple iBookstore adds new gifting option

Shane McGlaun - Dec 18, 2013, 5:56am CST
Apple iBookstore adds new gifting option

Apple has made a long needed change to its iBookstore that brings the ability for users to give books as gifts for whatever the occasion might be. The feature is landing just in time for Christmas and will allow you to give people digital books. Apple has finally added the ability to give books as gifts via the iBookstore after it was the only Apple digital outlet without the feature for a long time.

The gifting feature in the Apple iBookstore is tipped to work just like the gifting options on the other Apple digital storefronts. All a user needs to do to give is someone a specific book is to select that book and click the drop down arrow next to the price.


On Mac computers, the gift can be given by selecting the “Gift This Book” option. You can also gift someone a book from your iPhone or iPad by selecting the “Gift” option on iOS devices. The gift is sent to the person’s email address and you can select when to send the book.

The options for delivery of the gifted digital book include immediate on the day you are buying it, or you can click the radio button for “Other Date” and choose when you want the book to go out. That is a great way to be sure a gift gets there on a specific day for Birthdays or other events without having to remember at the last minute. You can only gift books to people who live in the same country you do. That means you can’t send a free book to a friend living abroad unfortunately.

SOURCE: MacWorld

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