Apple HomeKit support lands in a new update for Eero 6 and Pro 6 routers

Eero has announced a new update is available inside its app that also brings new firmware for the Eero 6 and 6 Pro routers. The big feature of the new firmware update is the addition of Apple HomeKit support for both router models. By adding HomeKit support to the routers, they can now be managed via the Home app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

Users can leverage the Apple Home app to define how the routers can communicate within the local area network and the Internet. The updated app says that via HomeKit, Eero gives users additional protection for their accessories and an easier way to manage communications. Within the Home app, users can also adjust the security settings for the router.

Depending on how the Home app is set up, Eero can also firewall each supported HomeKit accessory to ensure they only communicate with approved devices and services. The goal is to prevent any accessories inside the home network from communicating with other Wi-Fi devices on the home network or untrusted Internet services. That helps to prevent hacking attempts and provides better security for the home overall.

Eero has supported HomeKit with previous versions of its routers, and the firmware update brings the functionality to both of the company's Wi-Fi 6 router options. Both routers are currently available for purchase directly from Eero.

A three-pack including a single router and two add-ons can cover up to 5000 square-foot homes and costs $279. A three-pack with a trio of routers is $349, and the single router is $129. The single router is good for covering up to 1500 square feet. Amazon owns eero.