Apple HiFi pulled a Houdini and disappeared

So technically, the HiFi still has a product page, but it's not being sold anymore. For those of you that may have forgotten, this was Apple's solution for broadcasting sound via your iPod.

The one main difference between the HiFi and other iPod capable boom boxes was the sound quality, which really was pretty great. But let's consider just why Apple decided to stop making it, first, they might be releasing a new iteration soon.

This potential new one will hopefully be about half the price. The downsides of the HiFi other than the $350 price tag are the weight, its size, and the fact that it took like a billion dollars in batteries if you were to try and power it in such a manner. So I don't know if anyone really noticed its absence, or if anyone really cares, but now you know.

iPod Hi-Fi no longer sold through Apple Store [via macnn]