Apple headphones would confirm Beats aren't enough for everyone

A new pair of Apple wireless headphones were tipped this weekend, likely coming to the company's lineup at their next big event. As the company's wireless earbuds seem to have sold extraordinarily well since launch, there's a question of branding in the mix. Why did Apple buy Beats Electronics if not for their audio superiority?

Apple's next headphones will fill the gap in the industry left by their very own iPhone. Once the iPhone cut the headphone jack and, at the same time, launched wireless earphones, the next logical step was headphones. They didn't make any major fuss about releasing their EarPods with Lightning Connector – almost as if the connection isn't superior to the headphone jack they'd removed.

As Apple pushes Bluetooth as a headphone connectivity standard, and continue to carry Beats Headphones in their stores, they make one thing clear. Regardless of the fact that Apple itself owns Beats, some people still do not trust the brand. As such, Apple must release their own headphones to make certain they cover their bases. They cannot allow a person who needs headphones to leave an Apple store without buying a pair of headphones.

So we'll expect these Apple EarPhones – or whatever they end up calling them – to be revealed at the next Apple event. There, they'll likely be shown but not immediately released. We'll expect Apple to release these headphones with just enough lead time as to release a special RED edition right around the holiday season at the end of this year – so that everyone whose already bought a pair can get another pair as a gift.

And I'm sure they'll sound fine. With the Beats "b" logo on the sides of the most prominent headphones brand in the world, it's probably high time Apple released the "a." These headphones will likely have an Apple logo on each ear or no instantly apparent logos at all. Let them be simple!