Apple has an interesting job opening posted

It's for a Reliability Engineer (sounds like quality assurance from the description). But the interesting parts are that it's for Multi-Touch technologies, and that the person would be working with both the Mac and the iPod Teams.

Now I don't know how Apple is divided up, but if I had to guess, the iPhone is either its own team, or part of the iPod team, so why someone working with Multi-Touch displays would be working with the Mac team? My guess, and hope, is that it's because Apple is working on a MacBook Tablet, an iTablet, or a Mac Tablet, whatever you prefer to call it until Apple releases it.

The job itself is rather boring, basically you'd test multi-touch displays from various suppliers in various situations and conditions, the hardest part likely being the reporting. So, if one of our faithful readers lives near Cupertino and thinks they qualify for this job, it would be awesome to have an inside source *wink* *wink*.

Apple seeking MultiTouch engineer for Mac line [via myitablet]