Apple hack latest in Anonymous AntiSec campaign

Apple has become the latest target for hackers, with a group of Anonymous users releasing a list of what are said to be usernames and passwords for one of the Cupertino company's servers. According to a tweet from the team, "Apple could be target, too"; however, they go on to say "But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere."

That "elsewhere" includes leaking Australian election data, the database from the dating site and more, all part of the so-called "AntiSec" hack campaign. The Apple data does not look to have prompted any personal information leaks, as with Sony's huge PlayStation Network hack that saw 77m accounts compromised.

Apple isn't unused to hacker attention: the company has played an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with iOS modders over the past few years, as they attempt to open up devices like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to unofficial software and remove carrier SIM locks. However, it's a big step from that to attempting to break into company servers and extract information.

Apple is yet to comment publicly on the alleged hack, though it seems the AntiSec attention has moved on to other potential subjects.

[via WSJ]