Apple grabs the bulk of the tablet market for Q2

The numbers for the tablet market in Q2 2012 are in from Strategy Analytics. The analytics firm tracks tablet sales globally to give us an idea of how many units are sold overall and who has the biggest chunk of the market. Apple recently noted in its own quarterly earnings that iPad sales were up 52% in revenue and 84% by unit, to $9 billion and 17 million units sold.

According to Strategy Analytics, that gives Apple 68.3% of the overall tablet market. In Q2 2011, Apple had 62% of the overall tablet market. The research firm also says that the tablet market as a whole shipped 24.9 million units. Interestingly, analysts had predicted that Apple's market share would decline in the tablet realm.

It's clear that the competition these analysts expected never materialized. One interesting thing is that according to Strategy Analytics, the overall tablet market had the slowest growth rate since the iPad launched in 2010. That slow growth rate is a result of the soft global economy. The numbers show that cumulatively Android tablets sold 7.3 million units with Microsoft OS tablets selling only 300,000 units and other tablets combined selling the same 300,000 units. Android tablets have 29.3% of the overall tablet market.

[via TechCrunch]