Apple gifts U2's new album to all iTunes users

Do you like U2? Have iTunes? Guess what, you now have U2's new album! Tim Cook pressed a "magic Apple send button", and now we all have the new U2 album! Huzzah!

Just like that, U2 appeared on stage, and anyone with iTunes got the new U2 album. Not just everyone at the event, or everyone who signed up — everyone, period. As U2 aims to make themselves a bit more relevant in the new digital age, they've done something intrinsically cool that has a much more reaching effect than anything else.

The album, which lead singer Bono says is their most personal yet, is exclusive to Apple until mid-October. To get the album, all you have to do is visit iTunes and play it.

In a weird twist of historical fate, Apple and U2 made a special commercial for the album/iTunes collaboration. It's a lot like those old silhouette ads Apple had, except that you can make out that it's U2. Pretty neat, and ties the day together nicely.

But hey, stop reading and start listening. the new U2 album is waiting for you, and if the entire thing is as good as their new single — we're excited.